Ravereviews.org loves Stumptown Mattress

Ravereviews.org loves Stumptown Mattress

We made it into Ravereviews.org! What an excellent honor. This popular review site listed our locally made mattress as the #1 Best New Mattress Brand. We do not typically seek out national review sites because most of those sites are not honest in their reviews. Most of the big national review sites only review mattresses in exchange for affiliate marketing payments. Rave Reviews did not ask us for an affiliate marketing agreement – their review is based on their own, non-biased research.

The review highlights the comfort of our mattress and the temperature neutral feel which is helpful for people who sleep hot.

Here’s the full review on ravereviews.org

“Popular mattress brands are popular for a reason, but that doesn’t mean that smaller and newer brands can’t be great too. The Stumptown Mattress is made in (the Pacific Northwest), by a small company that works with local manufacturers.

The high-quality American-made foams combine to create a comfortable and durable mattress that is just the right level of firm for the majority of sleepers. The (Serene) self-adjusting foam is both breathable and flexible, and unlike traditional memory foams, it is temperature neutral, meaning that it does not retain heat.

The Stumptown is soft enough to cradle your body and relieve pressure from your shoulders and hips if you sleep on your side, but firm enough to support your back if you sleep on your back or stomach. Plus, you get all the benefits of dealing with a smaller company, like more personalized service and quicker response times”.

Stumptown Mattress is independently owned in Portland, OregonOur mattress is made in Sumner, Washington (just up the road from Portland and not too far from Seattle). The foams in our mattress are American made. We have no outside investors. We call the shots and we keep our business local – manufacturing and logistics are all handled by our teams in the Pacific Northwest.

Thank you Ravereviews!

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