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Stumptown Hybrid MattressStumptown Hybrid Mattress
Stumptown Hybrid Mattress
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Stumptown Original MattressStumptown Original Mattress
Stumptown Original Mattress
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Stumptown Peak MattressStumptown Peak Mattress
Stumptown Peak Mattress
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Stumptown Juniper MattressStumptown Juniper Mattress
Stumptown Juniper Mattress
Sale priceFrom $449.10 Regular price$499.00
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Frequently Asked Questions

We prioritize sustainability in our manufacturing processes and produce our mattresses in the Pacific Northwest region. Unlike other brands, we offer transparent and consistent pricing without surprise sales or discounts. Our pricing remains low and affordable for everyone all year round, making us a cost-effective option compared to other brands. Additionally, our team has extensive experience in creating high-quality mattresses, which is evident in our excellent customer service and focus on support, temperature regulation, and comfort.

Stumptown mattresses are designed to work well with slatted box foundations and slatted platform frames. However, it's not recommended to place the mattress directly on the floor or on solid surface frames as it increases the risk for mold. Additionally, for sizes larger than a full, a frame with a center support is recommended for optimal support.

Every Stumptown mattress is made in the shadow of Mount Rainier in the city of Sumner. Our manufacturer partner is a locally owned, independent mattress-maker known for their care and commitment to environmental stewardship.

Stumptown Mattress offers maximum comfort on most of the traditional support systems including a foundation/box, a slatted wood platform bed and a metal platform bed. However we do not recommend an old school box spring (with flexible metal coils inside) as it is meant to be paired with a specific mattress and will not work well with a Stumptown Mattress. Similarly, for a bed frame with a solid platform we recommend drilling holes or adding a breathable material to allow air flow between the solid surface and the mattress. In case of a larger than a full-size bed frame we recommend a center supported bed frame for optimum lumbar cushion.

All foams used in Stumptown Mattresses are CertiPUR-US®, a certification program administered to guarantee sustainable high-quality mattresses. We adhere to strict environmental standards and our mattress foam is free of hazardous materials abundantly found in other mattresses such as flame retardants, formaldehyde, mercury, heavy metals, fiberglass and limited contents of VOC. You can sleep peacefully as no ozone depleting chemicals are used in the manufacturing of our mattresses.

The Stumptown Juniper is a 7" low profile. This allows for use in most bunk beds, trundles, and lofts.

A hybrid or combination mattress is a multi-layered mattress that combines bounciness of springs coils and additional support of foam layers and provides the best of both comfort and support. Hybrid mattresses reduce the bounciness problem by adding layers of foam. The added foam will reduce the amount of motion transfer while still keeping the support of innersprings. It is perfect if you sleep with a partner, or with a pet who moves around a lot.

You can view our mattress size guide in order to help you find the perfect bed size for your room.

Shipping Questions

The shipping time within Oregon and Washington is 1 to 4 days, whereas, it will take 2 to 6 days for deliveries outside the Pacific Northwest.

For speedy delivery and best customer support, in the Portland area we usually manage deliveries with our own team members. We occasionally work with delivery services like TaskRabbit and others for local deliveries. For all the other locations in Washington and nationwide, we use UPS.