Rest easy with your Stumptown mattress, backed by a reassuring 10-year warranty. We've got you covered! Should anything go awry, we're here to resolve warranty issues swiftly and without hassle.

In the event that your mattress encounters a hiccup within a decade of purchase, we're on standby to replace it for you.

Coverage highlights include significant foam compression of more than 1 ½ inches or any fabric tear/seam defect due to improper stitching. It's worth noting, however, that all mattresses naturally settle over time. Regular body impressions don't fall under defect territory and aren't covered by our warranty. But rest assured, compression that exceeds 1 1/2 inches is on us.

Of course, there are a few stipulations:

  • The warranty is exclusively for the original buyer – it's non-transferable.
  • We cover bona fide manufacturing defects arising from everyday mattress use.
  • Your mattress must be in a donate-able condition, free from stains, odors, pet dander, and mold.
  • It should not show signs of undue degradation, misuse, neglect, or abuse.
  • Ensure the mattress is supported by an appropriate frame or base, such as a platform bed, foundation, or adjustable base.
  • For warranty claims, be prepared to send us photos demonstrating the defect.
  • Removal of mattress tags will void warranty
  • Remember, our warranty safeguards against genuine manufacturing flaws.

Additional info: The warranty remains with the original purchaser and is not transferable. The mattress must be clean and devoid of stains, pet hair, mold, or strong odors for us to facilitate its donation to a family in need.

To initiate a warranty claim, please reach out to us at