Your mattress will arrive in a sturdy cardboard Stumptown box.

When your Stumptown Mattress expands, at first it is going to look a little wonky. Give it a few hours. The corners will fill in. The waves on the side will even out. The mattress may feel a little softer when it’s first expanding.  Give it 24 to 48 hours for the mattress to firm up.

It’s very helpful to have 2 people for this process. Instructions are enclosed with your mattress, but here’s what you do.

  • Lay box on its side
  • Open from one end
  • Pull mattress from box. It will be wrapped tightly in plastic
  • Place mattress onto frame or foundation
  • Carefully cut the outer layer of plastic off the package. Be careful and go slowly so you do not cut mattress material
  • Unfold and unroll the sealed mattress
  • Carefully cut open the plastic bag along the edge of the head or foot of the mattress. Again, be careful during this step not to cut fabric
  • Watch your mattress expand
  • Pull plastic bag off mattress

We recommend that you let your mattress expand and breathe for 6 hours before making your bed and sleeping on it. Please note that it will not damage your mattress if you need to sleep on it sooner.