Stumptown Eco RV Mattress 11” deep
Stumptown Eco RV Mattress 11” deep
Stumptown Eco RV Mattress 11” deep
Stumptown Eco RV Mattress 11” deep

Stumptown Eco RV Mattress 11” deep

Sale price$399.00
Size:RV Narrow Twin 34x75

Stumptown's Eco RV Mattress in a Box

Upgrade your sleep on the road with the Stumptown Eco, specially designed for the RV and travel trailer lifestyle. Our 11-inch Eco mattress, with its medium soft feel, offers a unique blend of gentle support and cozy indulgence, transforming your RV bedroom into a place your excited to sleep. The mattress features a meticulously engineered 8” 730 count dual gauge coil system. This advanced system is tailored to provide targeted support to various body zones, ensuring optimal spinal alignment and minimizing pressure points - a crucial factor for restful sleep in the compact spaces of RVs and travel trailers. The Stumptown Eco's unique blend of 1” quilting foam alongside sumptuous comfort foam elevates the sleeping experience, guaranteeing both longevity and comfort. Embrace the freedom of travel without compromising on sleep quality, making every night in your RV or travel trailer a rejuvenating escape.

Stumptown RV Mattresses: Sustainability in the Pacific Northwest

Nestled in the Pacific Northwest's lush environment, Stumptown Mattress stands out as a leader in eco-friendly sleep solutions. At its core, Stumptown is committed to sustainability, crafting mattresses that respect the planet while providing exceptional comfort. Each mattress, designed with the region's unique climate in mind, incorporates temperature-regulating materials and moisture-wicking covers, ensuring optimal sleep in any weather.

 RV Mattress Size Guide:


All of our affordable mattresses are manufactured in the PNW with CertiPurUS® certified foam and free of any harmful chemicals.

Breathable Knit Cover

Our breathable knit fabric wicks away moisture, and interacts with our foams underneath to ensure a comfortable night's sleep no matter how you move.

Serene Foam Top Layer

Top self-adjusting foam conforms to your body for pressure point relief. It’s temperature-neutral and helps reduce motion transfer.

Sturdy Base Layer

High density base layer offers durable balanced support. This is the component that gives your back the support it craves. This is the feature that most RV mattresses are missing.

Pacific Northwest Focus

By localizing our manufacturing and sales efforts in the Pacific Northwest, we significantly reduce shipping costs, emissions, and delivery times. Our unique bicycle delivery system is a nod to our commitment to the environment, fostering a sense of community while supporting local economies. We extend our eco-friendly ethos to nonprofits and 501C corporations in the region, offering them bulk discounts as part of our community-centric approach.