Breaking Down Barriers: Stumptown’s Product Designer – Raymee Delaney

Breaking Down Barriers: Stumptown’s Product Designer – Raymee Delaney

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If you’re sleeping soundly on a new Stumptown Mattress, you can thank a group of committed sleep experts who came together to design our locally built mattress. Our design team is led by our friend and colleague Raymee Delaney.

Raymee is a leader in mattress design at our manufacturing partner in Sumner, WA. She’s worked in this industry for about 15 years. And she’s broken some big barriers on her way to top of her field. Like many American industries, mattress manufacturing has long been an industry dominated by men. During her time in product design and manufacturing, Raymee has excelled through her vison, creativity, hard work and willingness to work closely with customers to solve business challenges.

She started with a large corporate owned manufacturer around 2002 as an office manager. A few years later she chose to work for a smaller, locally owned mattress-maker in Sumner, WA.  One day about seven years ago the production manager left abruptly. Raymee’s boss (the factory owner) asked her to step in. Raymee became an instant leader on the factory floor, earning the respect of her colleagues and customers.

We love working with Raymee because she always listens to the needs of the customers. She shows empathy and identifies specific needs before completing the design process.

When we came to her in 2017 to talk about an online mattress in a box, she jumped at the opportunity to help us design the perfect mattress. Over many months, Raymee procured different components from several American manufacturers (we always try to stay local and American-Made with our components). After sampling several proto-types, Raymee showed us a model which seemed to really feel just right. Not too firm, not too soft. A simple structure of two high quality layers.

Turns out Raymee got it just right! Our customers love the Stumptown mattress. Our return rate is among the lowest in the industry at around 5%. That means 95% of our customers love their new mattress from Stumptown Mattress.

When she’s not making mattresses, Raymee is a mom to three kids, She’s also super committed to helping her community. She works with foster kids and families through the AMARA Sanctuary in Tacoma, WA. And she volunteers at the local food bank near Tacoma.

We are grateful to Raymee and her work making Stumptown Mattress the best online mattress in the Northwest.

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