Keeping it Local! Portland Photographer Mattie Krall

Keeping it Local! Portland Photographer Mattie Krall

At Stumptown, we like to keep it local. We do this with our products, our vendors, and many of our professional associates. Today we would like you to meet Mattie Krall, photographer for the Stumptown Mattress website!

Photographer Mattie Krall started her life in Portland like many other creatives—building up her resources while she worked as a bartender at The Sudra downtown. After moving here five years ago, she focused on working on her photography in her local neighborhood. Mattie was drawn to the lifestyle and beauty of Portland and the Pacific Northwest, and she eagerly got to work capturing everything her new home had to offer through her lense.

When she was ready to strike out and build her own photography business here in Portland, she found the perfect opportunity right next door. Thanks to her old coworkers at The Sudra, Mattie got in touch with Michael and Mary Ruth, and started a partnership that is still running strong to this day.

One of Mattie’s favorite things about working with Stumptown Mattress is the way it lets her feel more connected to the community as a local PNW artist. “I love that Stumptown is a locally owned company, and that the owners, Mary Ruth and Michael, are very involved,” she says. “Stumptown loves to support other local businesses as well. They're a company I feel good working for and supporting.”

Mattie finds a lot of her inspiration in the beauty of the Pacific Northwest, from adventurous shoots at Mt. Tabor to the familiar setup and inviting lighting of her own apartment. She also enjoys shooting at beautiful outdoor locations like Forest Park, and trying to capture the spirit of what it means to be made in the PNW. Thinking back on her favorite shoots with Stumptown Mattress, Mattie recalls: “I think my favorites though were the ones we did this past summer. We wanted to showcase Portland so we stopped at a bunch of iconic spots around Portland to shoot with many different models and friends!” She enjoys taking inspiration from family time and lazy mornings at home, and from capturing pieces of life in the city of Portland.

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