Message to Customers - Price Increases

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A Message From Our Owners/Founders

The Covid pandemic has made for some big ups and downs over the past year. We are so grateful that all our team members are healthy and that our business not only survived but flourished.

Now we are facing a new challenge brought on by the pandemic. There is a worldwide shortage of basic materials used to make most mattresses. There are several reasons for this material shortage. First off, there’s increased demand for all home furnishings across the USA (people staying at home have been buying A LOT of furniture). Second, big winter storms around the country this year virtually stopped the manufacturing of basic materials used in loads of products.

This shortage is really impacting foams used for mattresses like our specialty support and cooling foams that make our original Stumptown Mattress so popular and so comfortable. This means wholesale prices are going up dramatically. While we fight every day to keep our prices as low as possible for all our customers, we now have no choice but to raises prices. You may see prices fluctuate over the next few months on our original foam mattress. We promise we will do everything possible to keep prices in check.

Our manufacturer is a true partner. They are working with us every step of the way to mitigate price increases and maintain the same high quality for our mattresses.

Our commitment to you: We will not substitute our current materials with lessor quality materials. We will stay true to our locally based production. Yes, we could shift manufacturing out of the region or overseas to save a few bucks! But that is not what we are about.

Because we are a small business, we can pivot quickly and adapt to changes. Stay tuned for an exciting new product launch in a few weeks that will provide you with even more locally made sleep choices and provide you with a lower cost alternative to our original Stumptown foam mattress.

We are extremely excited about the months ahead. And we thank you all for your support over the years. This year we will continue to award scholarships to high school seniors in need and we will continue our partnership with Community Warehouse. Our commitment to our community and our region has never been stronger.

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