A Peek Inside Our Stumptown Box Photo Series

A Peek Inside Our Stumptown Box Photo Series

We feel very lucky to live in a cool town like Portland. My wife, Mary Ruth, and I have lived here for over 30 years. Our kids were born and raised here. Portland is our home and we love it.

From the street art, historical landmarks, shops, gardens, extinct volcanoes, iconic doughnuts to the best coffee in the world—Portland has endless amounts of creativity and visual interest just oozing from itself. There are so many inspiring things happening here and we wanted to tap into that, specifically for our Instagram strategy.

When we began strategizing on a unique campaign for our Instagram account, we had the idea of posing our Stumptown Mattress box near our favorite Portland landmarks. We thought it’d be fun for our customers to see snapshots of their own town and a wonderful way for us to express our pride in living in The City of Roses. Our first picture of this series was in front of the famous Portland, Oregon sign and it was a hit.

Our box has had quite the journey around this town and it’s only just beginning. It has seen the Hawthorne Bridge, the SE Belmont murals and even hung out with the “Umbrella Man.” When we’re on our way to a meeting or running an errand and come across a part of town we enjoy, we make sure to stop for a photo op. We keep one of our empty Stumptown Mattress boxes in the trunk of our car just for these shots.

Here are a few photos my wife took of me getting the box ready for her close-up. You should see the looks I get! I guess it is odd to see a guy lugging around a big mattress box in public and taking a picture of it. But hey, you can’t get the shot you want without some dedication, right? As slightly embarrassing that dedication may be.

We’re excited to continue our Stumptown Mattress Box journey, so be sure to follow us on Instagram and follow our hashtag #stumptownboxodysseypnw to see what part of Rip City she’ll see next.

Thanks for reading,

Michael Hanna

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