Your Sleep Sweet Spot – Delivered to Your Door

Your Sleep Sweet Spot – Delivered to Your Door

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Mattress shoppers have asked us for years: “when will you starting selling a coil mattress?”. The answer: Now.

Interest in traditional spring coil mattresses, also known as “hybrids” is growing. Let’s face it, all-foam mattresses are not for everyone.

We’ve had loads of success with our Stumptown original mattress, an all foam mattress made right here in the Pacific Northwest. Our customers have loved this mattress for many years. We don’t plan to change a thing on the original Stumptown. It’s still available and it’s still perfect for sleepers seeking a cooling gel foam, body conforming sleep experience.

Now we are adding a hybrid mattress for Stumptown customers to experience. We say this mattress hits the sleep sweet spot. Try saying that 3 times fast!! This mattress is the best of both worlds – a pocket coil support base with cooling gel foam to provide the extra cushion and pressure point relief. And the coil system means loads of extra airflow streaming through the mattress to ensure cooler nights. Like our original mattress, we ship the hybrid in an easy to manage box direct to your doorstep.

We spent months working with our design team led by Raymee D. in Sumner, Washington to come up with the perfect hybrid mattress. We’ve tested it with mattress shoppers at our Portland partner store before finalizing the design. We are sure you’re going to enjoy this new mattress and we know you will love the very reasonable price!  But please also know, we spared no expense in producing this affordable, super comfy mattress. The super durable and supportive coil system is made in the Pacific Northwest. The comfort foams are American-made. And it’s built right here in our beloved Pacific Northwest.

Same 5 star quality and service. Environmentally friendly materials.  Local manufacturing. 100 night sleep guarantee. Love it or get a full refund.

Thank you all for shopping with Stumptown Mattress. We are grateful for the thousands of sleepers who’ve chosen our mattress over the years. Your business supports local jobs, employee benefits including healthcare & retirement plans and our scholarship program and partnerships with agencies that help people in need of housing.

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